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So there you have it—my common mistakes to avoid at the gym.I should add one more—STOP GRUNTING SO LOUDLY AT THE GYM! Look, I get it, you’ve got to exhale loudly between reps, but again, here’s the deal…

At this point I’ll share a little anecdote from my gym as to what you SHOULD NOT do in a public space where you’re expected to show common decency to other people.I mention this because it’s super tempting to skip the warm-up routine to save time and jump right into the main part of the workout routine.I know it’s tempting but you’ve got to fight that urge to skip the warm-up.Here’s why—if you skip your warm up routine, you will definitely injury yourself eventually, which would really suck.Injury will not only knock you out of commission for potentially a long time, but also some people develop such chronic injuries that they never work out again.

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Predictably, not everyone was fast enough for the fast lane or slow enough for the slow lane. What he basically did was have a temper tantrum that involved a lot of shouting and then he actually grabbed the slow swimmer from behind and literally picked up the poor guy and shoved him aside. I’m going to list the FIVE stupidest common mistakes made people make that should always be avoided… At the gym during peak hours waiting for the elliptical machine or the bench press while someone seemingly oblivious of your increasing panic setting in that you’ll never get your turn on the machine. There’s no reason to wait for equipment at the gym.

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