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Brief encounters dating

It was required for my creative nonfiction course and I can see why.The stories really are the definition of "short and sweet" as they were easy to dissect and discuss in class.I used it in a 200-level Autobiographical Writing course and my students got a lot out of it.Huge range of work and (for me, teaching at a Tacoma, WA univerity) a delightful emphasis on Northwestern authors.

The best of the anthologies of nonfiction shorties -- which is not a genre I love, but one I have some fondness for.Wish I guess is a sign that it's not exactly been calling out to me. It put me in mind of Annie Dillard at her grittiest.However, I remember at least one great piece by Stuart Dybek, lots of great reading overall, and, several instances where I thought it could serve well as a teaching device. Also noteworthy was Michael Perry's 'The Big Nap'- visionary, quiet, and revelatory. There was a great selection of nonfiction in the book.I read the book start to finished and loved the experience.That said, I appreciate the thought MS Kitchen has put into her list of themes.

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I would suggest glancing through the "Themes" section at the end to see if you might enjoy approaching the book from different angles.