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is a trite expression, often a figure of speech whose effectiveness has been worn out through overuse and excessive familiarity."Cut every cliché you come across," advises author and editor Sol Stein.One study had women fill out a questionnaire in a room with or without flowers, and then move into a room with “another participant”.he made irregular eye contact, was tense, bowed his head and nodded a lot) or high dominance (i.e.strong eye contact, relaxed posture, head up straight and little nodding). This makes use of the liking heuristic and endears one person to another.In this experiment, women viewed a video clip of a man having a discussion at work, and then rated his sexual attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 7.The man was either shown to have low dominance (i.e.

They then watched video clips of them in successful or unsuccessful dating scenarios, and afterwards rated their attractiveness again.

Yes, that episode of Friends where Joey and Chandler use Ross’ baby to pick up women is grounded in some psychological truths.

A study had female participants rate the attractiveness of men in photos who were shown in a negative interaction with a baby (i.e.

In this experiment, young women participants were asked to mimic (or not mimic) the verbal and nonverbal expressions of men at a speed-dating event.

As part of the speed-dating process, men ranked the top 5 women they met in order of how much they would like to swap contact details.

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