Dating an alcholic

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Anything that embarrasses you, puts you in danger or potential trouble with the law is strictly off-limits.

The easiest way alcoholics get away time and again with their addiction is to make others, particularly their partners, feel sorry for them.

You might think you can handle your lover's alcoholic nature in a casual relationship, but after a period of time, you'll realize that it will only bring you down.

Above all don’t be moved by pity or a missionary feeling for the alcoholic, thinking that he/she only needs your love and care to kick the bottle.

If your partner still has some control over his or her drinking habit, this may act as a wakeup call and motivate them to combat the problem.

Talk to him/her If you are lucky enough to diagnose your partner’s drinking problem in the earlier stages, then you have a fair chance of making him/her realize of where he/she is headed for.You may think that there is a difference between living with an alcoholic partner and merely dating one casually.But even the latter is full of difficulties and once the charm of novelty has worn off, you will find yourself reeling with the confusion, embarrassment and stress of being with a girl or guy who has no control over his/her drinking habits.Choose a time when your partner is sober and talk about how their alcoholism is affecting you and your relationship.Tell your partner how you feel when he or she loses control over their behavior and how the addiction has consequences for the relationship as a whole.

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Going through unexplained mood swings and becoming too boisterous or argumentative when your partner’s personality is actually the opposite are some of the obvious signs of alcoholism.

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