Dating bar ti szeretet community

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Dating bar ti szeretet community

Az este legjobb része mikor -kor elkezdődött a vámpírnaplók, és már akkor hatalmas TVD fan voltam, hogy az nem igaz. This leads to a conversation which morphs into a fluff-fest. Now, bone-weary and bitterly disappointed, the last thing he needs is a certain clot-pole ordering him about. While in this position, I could seriously harm him if I so desired. It's impossible to resist this spell, Professor Snape, but try if you must… Morgan and Reid are stuck in the elevator overnight. But somehow he can't stay away from Balinor's only son, the ethereal Merlin.6/7th year fic.

És persze, amit a drága jó közvetítők szoktak ilyenkor beadni, egy jó tíz perc után elkapcsoltam a csatornáról. Véletlenül - jegyzem meg -, véletlenül átkapcsoltam a 103-as csatornára ahol, elkezdődött a Naruto. What makes it worse is Reid has a bad cough that gets worse and worse and hit his head and might have a concussion. Harry decides he wants to do things his way, because Dumbledore's method of defeating Voldemort just doesn't appeal.

Amikor még - anno - regisztráltam, a sima "Lora" név foglalt volt, nekem meg kellet valamit hozzá írnom, és így találomra beütöttem két számot. Ezért szeretek nem sablonos mangákat olvasni, és dolgokról írni.És amúgy is, mindig nyomatják - legyen az film, fic, vagy akármi -, ugyanazokat a dolgokat. Here is a series of one or two shots, little stories detailing an answer. Merlin's the one in trouble, now, and it's up to them to save him. For Derek Morgan, the regret is centered around one Spencer Reid and a decision he made one night in a bar... When Merlin's father returns suddenly Merlin realizes that his destiny isn't exactly what he thought it would be. Mi van ha közben találkozik Kisével és pár ital után a szőke enged a vágyainak és megcsókolja őt? Ki Kuro/Hai Kuro/Kaga Kuro Az egész akkor kezdődött. Haizaki x Kuroko /mazochista/ : D Érdekes volt megírni őt így x D Figyelem! Ever wondered what cause Kuroko's messy morning hair? When their eyes first meet, Arthur is three years old and Merlin is one. Now a TWOSHOTA bad cold plus a mild case of food poisoning- Kuroko tries to prove that he wasn't some weak person as he goes to school despite feeling a little off. " The bloke asked him, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet as if he was anxious for something, though Arthur couldn't say what. Months later, they run into each other again, and buried desires finally make their way to the surface. It's just about time for the entire Seirin Team to have a different perspectives than the Generation of Miracles! Aomine comes home drunk and messes up the bathroom. Something always seemed to happen when visitors came. Kagami Taiga would normally be busy with only school and basketball but he met this one guy online and they started a really twisted relationship. Arthur is forced to watch helplessly as his friend slowly freezes to death. He wakes up, thinking that the dream was real, and finds things in the real world to be entirely different. Though his breath had stopped, his heart was working more furiously than it had his entire life. Arthur doesn't believe Merlin when he says they aren't friends just because of his destiny. This time, it results in watching Disney movies that make them reflect on their rather pitiful current love lives. But when he meets the five year old son of their new neighbours, Sasuke's life changes as he finds himself watching out and caring for the lonely child with the golden smile. Merlin's never let Arthur do this before, but Arthur isn't going to wait any longer. Will Arthur and the knights realize something abut Merlin that they never knew before? Dr Spencer Reid's migranes have turned into something much worse. Arthur knew of the distinct shape of a Serket's stinger. Magát a filmet vagy ezerszer láttam - meg is van a laptopomon, de hát mit tehet egy fanatikus nem? Nem azért mert nem akartam - na meg drága is a könyv, de hát a történet egy remekmű! Or the surprise that ends up in his locker soon thereafter. So naturally, it would be that particular blond prat that he gets stuck in the elevator with on what was possibly the worst (and consequently the best) day of his life. " - Because, if I read one more story about Merlin sniffling and cowering in a corner because "Arthur's so abusive! Here's a bit of a reminder that our warlock has some balls, and can throw a punch. Arthur and Merlin are complete strangers who take part in an experiment where they have to kiss for the first time. *o*A plotless porn written for Aokaga day that was 5th of May. Merlin was right to feel uneasy about the arrival of another royal family in Camelot. But when something goes horribly wrong, all of this changes in a very unexpected way. This contains slash, don't like, don't read.'They could only watch, powerless to help.' - A veritable feast for those who indulge in Merlin! Set between Series 3 and 4, so Lancelot is with us. Bilbo struggles with eating drastically less than this while on the journey to Erebor and at the same time does not wish to show his weakness. Over the years, Arthur's gotten quite good at being sneakily affectionate. Characters maybe OOC since this is written in the middle of the night. By senior year the Pack has faced their fair share of enemies, come together as a family and even found love. Now it's up to the Pack to help Stiles recover his missing memories or risk losing him entirely. Ichigo didn't know what to expect when he moved into the tiny dorm room. He hoped it was someone he could get along with - hopefully somebody not too sloppy (like Renji) or too intense (like Ishida) or too quiet (like Chad) or too fierce (like Rukia). And be respectful and don't speak back and everything? He would behave no matter how arrogant these nobles got. BL'"You're my best friend, I will not be responsible for your death too." Arthur whispered brokenly.' Arthur and Merlin are trapped, waiting for help after falling into the icy river in the middle of a snow storm. " "You see Sire, truth is, Merlin isn't the simple servant you think he is and he's been around much longer than you think." When Arthur uncovers Merlin's secret he learns that he was not the only prince the warlock was friends with. Then in comes transfer student, Kurosaki Ichigo, and Renji finds himself instantly smitten. Unfortunately, the Quincy came home before the boys could leave, and they ended up hiding in the only place they could find. An assignment with a delicate topic as well as deprivation from his lover don't make things easier and finally the situation becomes too much for Gii to bear. While in a coma, Morgan has a vivid dream of the life he could have with Reid if he admitted his feelings. He convulsed as if to wretch, and Arthur's sword sliced upwards an inch. And KISSING him."Once again, Damon and Klaus get drunk together. Sasuke is depressed and angry, rebelling against his family and causing trouble. Originally written for a kinkme-merlin prompt on livejournal. The knights played a joke on Merlin and we see him not eating for two nights, but what if it's been longer than that? :) Nézzetek fel már most az oldalra, van pár rajz fent!!! x D Sőt, igazából nagyon szoktam várni, hátha megdobtok egy üzivel. Érzelmek nélkül." - Szalai Vivien Ha van olyan rész/pillanat/esemény - akármelyik történetemben -, amit szerettek, vagy ami tetszik, írjatok emailt, és megpróbálom megrajzolni. Nem eszek meg senkit, aki ír az email címemre, ugyanis nem vagyok oda a kannibalizmusért.

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X-x-XOké, most Júniusban álltam neki a SHERLOCK címűsorozatnak. :) A magyar hangja fantasztikusan illik hozzá, nagyon szeretem. However, this Un Sub has no intentions of letting Reid get away, and the team soon finds that Reid has been caught up in something far bigger and more dangerous than they initially thought. How troublesome..."Tetsuya is nothing more, than an out-dated prototype." This Sentence sparked something in Kuroko... A történet kicsit AU, vagyis mi történne, ha Reidnek lett volna igaza, és az apja követte volna el a gyilkosságot. Arthur finds out Merlin's secret in the worst possible way. Spencer is hurt in the field, an injury that could have easily led to his death. The Alphas are on the move, and Derek doesn't feel safe having the human members of their group spread out so he sends his wolves out to collect them. Mature bc swearing, probably smut, definite fluff and more than a little bit of drinking. Leave me reviews and favorites and things because I looove getting feedback. 3)Kuroko is dragged into the world of high fashion and somehow pulls in the rest of the Generation of Miracles as well. And suddenly, after the worst happens, it's up to two men very much in love to find their way back to each other. Haley observes Aaron distancing himself after the Tobias Hankel case in Georgia and his growing friendship and relationship with one Dr. I hope you enjoy this as much I enjoyed writing it. John is an omega, waiting for his alpha coming back from his case abroad. Kuroko had saved them then, but it had been five years since they had seen those blue eyes of his. "You're jealous of all the time I've been spending with Lancelot—though I can't imagine why, since most of my day and life is spent with you or doing things for you or thinking about you—honestly, there isn't much of my life that isn't already all about you, so why the hell you would ever need to be jealous is—"When Arthur takes his nephew, Mordred, to a birthday party at Build-A-Bear Workshop, he meets a certain blue-eyed, dark-haired employee with a seemingly perceptual grin; but it turns out Merlin isn't always smiling.

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  1. When we're hiking, his knees are worse than mine." Since falling in love with Mike, she has needed to redefine beauty. ' Your answer could be, 'I'm going to get a facelift.' My answer is, 'I'm going to be such a beautiful person inside that it's going to shine through to the outside,'" she says.