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Dwayne wade dating

Dwyane Wade’s biggest heckler is coming from his own bedroom.

The veteran Chicago Bulls star missed what should have been an easy slam dunk in Game 1 of the opening round of the NBA playoffs against the Boston Celtics on Sunday night, stuffing the ball against the front of the rim.

And then when they’re ready to ride me, I’m ready.” Meshing sexual innuendo with social media is nothing new for this TMI twosome.

Wade publicly refutes his soon-to-be-ex's claims and publicly defends his girlfriend, calling the lawsuit a retaliation tactic for his custody bid." data-reactid="61" as a defendant.

She accusing the actress of engaging in "sexual foreplay" with Wade in front of the children and says Union's behavior with Wade is causing the children emotional damage.

The jock reaches out to the actress to apologize for the gossip and they become platonic friends.

July 2009: In the middle of a bitter divorce with Funches (she accused him infecting her with an STD; he sued her for defamation), Wade helps his pal Alonzo Mourning host the annual Summer Groove, a four-day charity event including an all-star basketball game, comedy show, block party, and dinner.

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February 2007: Wade and Union meet for the first time when they're hired by promoters to co-host a Super Bowl party.