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Connor and Megan have been dating for about a year.They’re in a happy-go-lucky, easygoing relationship in which they go out on dates to art museums and maybe even spend the night together.From the perspective of the traffic cruising down High Street in Clintonville, the building that houses the Columbus Insight Center appears to be nothing more than generic commercial space, indistinguishable from an orthodontist’s office or a small real-estate firm.But inside the unassuming brick building, Poly Columbus has become the epicenter of the local polyamorous community.“It’s tough to go somewhere for four months of your life and leave behind your responsibilities.”His stand-in caretaker’s name is Connor, and he sits next to Andy and Megan at the high-top, chiseling at the remnants of a beer label with his fingernails.

There are those who may place certain partners in a hierarchy and then divide emotional investment into corresponding relationships.But if someone participates in “poly for play,” which emphasizes sex, or identifies as “swolly,” both swinger and polyamorous, the lines become blurred.The distinction is ultimately up to the individual.Some may pose the question: isn’t this just swinging?Both poly and swinging are under the non-monogamous umbrella, however, swinging may only involve sharing partners sexually and nothing more, while poly often has the potential to become binding and long-lasting.

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Others don’t do any of those things; take what you know about relationships and throw it in a blender.

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