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Free nasty men on webcam

Oftentimes, a zombie computer is used to send thousands of spam emails.

In other cases, a zombie computer will perform hacker attacks on other websites. Read how your computer might get zombied, and how you can protect it. Well, friends, there are actually four different kinds of hackers/haxors in the universe, and they are not all evil.

Disturbed individuals express their pathological obsessions by using email, sexting, instant messaging, Facebook comments, and even smartphone GPS tracking.

While cyberstalkers are still a very small minority of society, they are a sad reality that must be acknowledged.

You see, haters distinguish themselves online because they purposely broadcast hate and intolerance as they attack other people's ideas and beliefs.

Do Snakehead fish really walk on land, and did Mel Gibson really get mutilated as a teenager?

Don't embarrass yourself by falling for these hoaxes...

46% of young people have reported that they see explicit personal photos being forwarded to strangers.

These are not the statistics of a fad, this is the viral risk of how young people can unwittingly embarrass themselves in the eyes of thousands of people.

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