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Free x rated chat rooms

here's from geoff, lifted from msnbc: “this is a decision based upon consumer experiences, our strategic investment to build up msn messenger.” – by fyii love chat rooms, and have been regularly using them on the internet since the days when i accessed the internet using an amiga and a 9600 baud modem!

however, i am also a parent of a young child and am increasingly aware of the sheer amount of porn spam that finds it way everywhere on the internet.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] i applaude the actions of bill but this is a stunning move and a pat on the back is in order.

there's obviously gonna be a load of moaning but at least it won't be the sort that is derived from old men stnding over young kids – it'll be more your run of the mill kind of moaning.

switzerland's second biggest internet access provider, sunrise, said it had measures in place to guard against abuse.

the company employs “regulators” to oversee chat rooms and remove any messages containing pornographic or paedophile contents, sunrise's spokesman mathieu janin said.

after countless months of reading press clippings about the pathetic state of windows security, the folks in redmond, wash., have decided to fight back with one of their strongest weapons–public relations. but as a proponent to free speech, i still dont care what ms does with its chat line.– by aged chatterthe billinda foundation just “gave” 8m to stop malaria in africa.but they have said that they only fund internal internet only projects.if you want to chat there are other chat sites out there and to all you petafiles out there please die slowly of cancer you waste of flesh.thank you – by p.s.r it's microsoft, of course they are going to lie “ what does either one have to do with the topic at hand? you run either linux or macos and would never ever step a foot into msn or any other microsoft or microsoft-sponsored site.

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“chat rooms are a well used service and we have to hope that not all chat rooms are going to close,” stephane marcovitch, of afa, told afp.