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To use a Java chat room you must have Java enabled in your browser (some people have Java turned off for security reasons).To turn on Java you will need to find the settings feature in your particular browser eg. Java chat rooms load quickly and are reasonably fast to use, some lag maybe noted in very busy chat rooms, if you are using an older computer, and if your Java version is out of date.Each day, people from across the globe utilize chat rooms.Chat rooms have evolved from the stuff of computer geniuses to a user-friendly platform for people of all ages.Messenger users could access chat rooms on a variety of topics for Yahoo! Known as voice chat, these programs allow users to chat, view a common slide show or application, and also hear one another's voices.Net Meeting from Microsoft was the first voice chat program released.Java technology continued to grow until it reached usage on more than 550 million computers in 2003.Java chat is available on hundreds of thousands of websites and is used for a range of purposes from recreational and personal use to customer service chat rooms on business websites.

By 1994, there were more than 400 MUDs on the Internet, and their topics spread from gaming to general conversation to MUDs formed by groups and associations to discuss common interests.A host of websites launched Java in that year, and with its many uses, the first Java chat rooms were created.Java chat was unique in that it could be embedded into a website page, allowing people to participate in chat rooms from their Internet browser.The original design was meant to support bulletin board functions that allowed people to discuss software, news and other issues online.The original IRC chat room platform featured only one server and one network.

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The uses of chat rooms have expanded from gaming and simple conversation to applications used in education, business, medicine and customer service.