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Instead, he was sent to the notoriously brutal La Picota prison, where he was kept in inhumane conditions, he says.'It had over a hundred people packed in [one cell], stuffed against the walls and the rails, asking those of us in line for food, water, aspirin, whatever,' he said. There were literally people who had defecated in their pants.'Tuzman hoped every day for release, but none came.

And then, a month after he was put in prison, he was raped.

Finding there was a “significant risk of flight here,” a judge ordered Amanat to surrender his passport, restricted his travel, and ordered him to wear an electronic monitoring device.

(Amanat’s attorneys did not respond to requests for comment or to a detailed list of questions emailed to them and to Amanat.

“In hindsight, this should have been a big red flag,” Barna says. Barna says the house he’d spent ,000 to rent (including a security deposit) turned out to be occupied.

He ended up making an agreement with the tenants to use the backyard only for the duration of the charity event.

Eventually they agreed Barna would charge his American Express card through Airbnb, he says.

Amanat, he adds, later turned up at the house in a Bentley.

Within weeks of joining forces to buy the chain, the pair’s business partnership had shattered in spectacular fashion.And sure enough, he found himself in a 'prison trial' in front of his fellow prisoners, after guards deliberately left their posts, he said.'I was put on a table and accused of being a snitch for reporting what had happened to me.As Barna describes it to , the tale began innocently.He was seeking a rental house at which to hold a charity bash.

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That same prison has housed, among others, Colombian lord drug John Jairo Velasquez Vasquez.