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Over the past two years at the Washtenaw Alliance for Virtual Education, we built a partnership between our students (Allie, Olivia, Anna, Alyssa, Mariha and Courtney) and students at Grace Care Center orphanage in Sri Lanka via Skype, with Ann Arbor Rotary West’s Project Hope Rising.

Connecting our students with the Grace students did not happen overnight.

Since the inception of this partnership, we mainly sat behind our students during the Skype calls.

We never thought we would actually be here on the other side of the world.

Visiting Grace crystallized for us how limited our worldview was.

Many of our initial Skype sessions were plagued with language barriers and technical difficulties.

As time passed, though, our comfort level grew with communicating online and we began to break down those walls that seemed to separate us in the beginning.

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The growth that we have seen in communication and leadership skills among our students is astounding.

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