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Either there is no datastream for the digital object "uk-ac-man-scw:220139" with datastream ID of "null " OR there are no datastreams that match the specified date/time value of "null " . Predating the band's existence, Godforbid and Page were both members of the hip hop group Alaskan Fishermen, along with Thirstin' Howl III and Father Time.I know how warm and good it feels (In her pants) But its gettin' crowded 'round here Please, pull out!(But you don't) If its not the one you want to stay with You can avoid the face (Give a damn) But not the abbreviation Taking payments from your paycheck You can do it, pull out!(But you don't) Hey, she's going to somebody (Give a damn) So why not you?The drunker you are The easier it is to get laid But the harder it is to You may have to picture what it is this month Whoever you've been thinking of The girl at the Pizza Hut Midgets, nuns Whatever little miss it was And with a little hard work, a little luck If you haven't given up Maybe you can get it up Now a is supposed to be fun Instant gratification, a roller coaster But no one wants to get stuck over and over Going home to the roller coaster It's hard to watch your shows And do your homework And when the ride you rode is over It'll cost more than a roll of quarters (You can't get) So pull out!Now think about that before you go steady Or maybe at your own wedding (You can't get) If she's your girlfriend Leave her alone with your friends (In her pants) Now, I don't expect no virgin But let 'em try to screw her If she's flirting, or she (But you don't) It won't work man Get rid of her And get yourself a new girlfriend Remember (Give a damn) The currency exchange rate: At this party she's an 8 At the club a 7 At my apartment a 10 Environment dictates The morning after She may slip to a 3 'Cause some things are better just to lust for (This concludes the introductory segment of the Godforbid self-help collection.) Hey, sleep with other races Help out international relations (For further behavioral instructions, consult the nearest strip club and/or liquor store.

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Dante is the main protagonist of the Devil May Cry series.

Bush, released in December 2008, a compilation album of anti-George W.

Bush songs, even though, despite its premise, "Rob the Prez-O-Dent" doesn't refer to George W.

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A portion of "Mexico" was featured in the seventh episode of season four of Weeds, "Yes I Can", before A City Dressed in Dynamite was released, though they are mistakenly credited as The Handsome Devils (Another band called The Handsome Devils had produced a song titled "Mexico" though this is a coincidence).

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