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In fact, my wife and I were just talking, and for both of us, some of our earliest memories of watching TV with our families involve watching “The Carol Burnett Show.” TC: Oh, great! TC: It’s funny you should say that, because I’m just putting the finishing touches on a book that I’m writing, and I was looking at some of the antics that I’ve done through my life…and not just in show business. My dad had a couple of horses in Cleveland that the people he was working for were training, and so I was going to be a jockey…and if I hadn’t fallen off as much as I did and become totally scared of horses, I think I probably would’ve been a world champion jockey. Well, I have six kids, and…I had three boys who were playing Little League.Timmy was on second base, Patrick was on first, and Jamie – the youngest – was at bat.I got up, Mike was standing next to me, and I said, “Bob Newhart is without a doubt the funniest man in show business.” And I started to go on, and Mike said, “Excuse me, if we’re going to talk about funny people in show business, don’t you think we ought to include Chaplin? Okay, the funniest man in show business besides Chaplin is Bob Newhart.” And then I said, “But if you’re going to have Chaplin, then wouldn’t you mention Sid Caesar? So outside of Sid Caesar and Chaplin, Bob Newhart is the funniest man.” I said, “Well, what about Gleason? So when Harvey decided not to do this anymore…and I don’t know what the hell’s the matter with him, because I haven’t talked to him in a long time… And I had worked with Don Knotts before, so he’d done it a few times, and then Harvey, obviously, we did it for eight or nine years together. I still have fond memories of going to see “The Private Eyes” in the theater when I was a kid. : "I never showed Harvey (Korman) the Novocain part of it until we were actually doing it, and all week long he was saying, 'You know ,this sketch really stinks, there’s nothing funny about it.' And I said, 'Well, you know, I’m going to try to put together a little something...' If you ever look at the sketch, you will see that, once he realizes that I’m going to immobilize myself with this Novocain, he begins to go, 'Oh, my God…'" We were doing “The Apple Dumpling Gang” one time, and we were supposed to be disguised as dance hall girls, trying to avoid this bad guy, so we had on stockings and lace garters, high heels and skirts, brassieres, red wigs, the whole thing.” So we start doing names, got through about fifty people, and by the time we got through, I think we finally decided that Bob ) BE: You’re working with Chuck Mc Cann on this tour. So I asked Chuck, he said, “Yes,” and we saddled up. We would get dressed in the morning, and Don would say, “You know, it’s so cold in those dressing rooms in the morning when I’m trying to put all that crap on.” So I said, “Why don’t you have the wardrobe guy and the makeup lady come to your room and put that stuff on in the morning?() I can see that he’s going to be out by a mile, but, still, he’s chugging down onto first. I was actually looking to be a jockey when I was younger.Timmy’s already on third, Patrick was on second, and Jamie’s heading for first. My dad had a couple of horses in Cleveland that the people he was working for were training, and so I was going to be a jockey…and if I hadn’t fallen off as much as I did and become totally scared of horses, I think I probably would’ve been a world champion jockey.() BE: There’s another animated performance I was going to mention, but it ties in to a couple of non-animated ones.

() …”You know, Tim, by golly, that’s a pretty good idea!” So, yeah, I don’t know how they came up with those two characters or why they ever selected us.It should’ve been (Adam West and Burt Ward), you know? The hearing’s kind of gone, though, so there’s a lot of problems with communication between him and the booth, which becomes hysterical.The first baseman on the other team had already had the ball about an hour before he ever got there, but as he hits the bag, I say, “Safe,” because I wanted three Conways on base. I thought they were going to come out and ) I don’t know what other job I would’ve done outside of show business, where they allow you to screw around. But things led the other way, and…I think I used humor a lot because I was so small.You either were funny or you got beat up, so I just started joking around in school. And in the Army, which had no sense of humor, might I add. And the next thing you know, I’m writing for a disc jockey in Cleveland. ” So she took some stuff out to Steve Allen, who was doing the Sunday show at the time, in competition with Ed Sullivan, and he put me on one night, introducing myself, the Smothers Brothers, and Jim Nabors all on the same show. TC: The show went well, the reviews went well, a guy named Ed Montain called me up, who was going to do “Mc Hale’s Navy,” and said, “I want you to come out and play this Ensign Parker.” I said, “Well, I don’t think so.” And he said, “Excuse me?

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And I don’t want that responsibility to fall on you. I’m a guy who doesn’t know anything about the business. You’re really beginning to annoy me.” Because she used to be a regular on the “Burnett” show, and, my God, we loved when she came in and spent the week with us. He’s 92 years old, he just bought a Smart Car, and he looks like he’s wearing it. And he just took me under his wing and, you know, I’m working with an Oscar winner. BE: Did you see him on “Saturday Night Live” this week? BE: He was part of this sketch called “What’s Up with That,” sitting next to Morgan Freeman, and he just could not have looked like he was having more fun. () You know, you do these things ,and then they send them to China to draw them, I guess, for a year or whatever.

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