Updating a fireplace hearth disadvantages of dating

Posted by / 25-Sep-2017 19:50

At C&K we are best know for our beautiful kitchen and bathroom designs remodeling however the word is getting out about our beautiful fireplace facelifts.

We can redesign the with basic stone or tile work or take on the entire project to include hearth, mantel and chimney updates.

Which means I had to get rid of a lot of stuff that was dated or not essential to take up valuable space on the moving truck . Like the fireplace was in dire need of Simple and Temporary Fireplace Makeover.

Unfortunately, our plans fell through and we ended up only moving three miles over from our previous house ( I know, Gah! As you can see, the fireplace is pretty plain and boring with the tile. Ok, yes I did have to Google what is the bottom of the fireplace called. Again, being a rental house my ideas have to be temporary and not expensive.

So try to envision some fresh paint in a soft color on the paneled walls with glossy white beams and trim to match the same semi-gloss paint on the fireplace. And now for a word about the candles and the mirror that I tossed into the firebox. That was just mommy psychosis (I wanted something cute in there for the pics, even if there won’t be a thing in there for a while during Clara’s waking hours).

It was such a quick little addition that it gave me some baby’s-in-bed-let’s-have-date-night ideas (you know as opposed to baby’s-in-bed-let’s-upload-fireplace-photos-and-write-the-post-for-the-morning ideas).

Here’s where I’d add a close up shot, but sniffle, we don’t live there anymore.

So here’s the last wide shot we took of the room (you can see that it still looks glossy and white): So although painting ceramic tile, especially tile that gets walked on, is nothing the pros recommend, we’re totally cool with doing it as a temporary fix (although doing it in a bathroom is probably a terrible idea because it can get slick when walked on with sopping wet feet).

First we: The whole prime, paint, and poly technique was meant as a very very temporary solution (we planned to replace the tile pretty soon thereafter). Even with foot traffic (in shoes) and small nephews of ours ramming it with metal matchbox cars.So here’s what it looked like yesterday morning: I know, I know – the orange paneling makes it look cra Zy with a capital Z.But just scroll down a bit to the dark den from our first house (which also had paneling and brick) to see just how transformative paint can be (we didn’t remove the paneling in there, just primed and painted it).After the wallpaper was adhered on the wall, I trimmed the edges out using 2 inch x 24 inch wood trim that I painted white and nailed to the wall over the edges of the wallpaper.The trim really does make a a nice finished look on the wall. To decorate the living room and stage my fireplace makeover with some of my favorite things.

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But either way we’re pretty sure we’ll bring in some awesome new tile for the hearth and maybe the entire fireplace when we get down the road a bit (read: save enough loot to tackle the kitchen in a more major way). Or ever primed, painted, and poly’d tile- just to see what would happen?