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Updating portage cache

If there is nothing for portage to do, then portage will exit with a message and a success condition.

A resume list will persist until it has been completed in entirety or until another aborted merge list replaces it.

You can use the power of deltas not only when updating source packages, but also when updating your Portage tree.

Emerge-delta-webrsync allows you to download daily patches to the Portage tree, which is less traffic-consuming than using to the FEATURES variable in /etc/make.conf, emerge will download some packages' source code while compiling others that are in the queue.

Their common idea is to use their own search indexes to speed up searches.

That approach can save you up to 90% of the download size.

The procedure for installing deltup is described in the Gentoo wiki. Deltup will not resume fetching a delta if you lose a connection.

And, of course, generating a new package takes some CPU time.

Still, Deltup should not break your system, so you should not be afraid to give it a try.

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Upgrade Packages - Another form of the update command, which can perform more complex updates -- like distribution upgrades.

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