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Validating sql

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When applying a Service Pack to a production SQL server, I usually have a planned downtime window of around 30 minutes.I cancel the update at that point, and feel as confident as I can that during the update, I will not run over the scheduled downtime window.You can cancel from either screen, but as the "Update" button on "Ready to update" is in the same location as the "Next " button on "Check Files in Use", an accidental double click could accidentally start an update, while validating.There are two options you will see: first is to "Run all tests" which is recommended by Microsoft and second is to "Run only test I select". Step 4: The next window is to check the storage status.Click the checkbox for each shared disk which will be used for your SQL Server cluster installation. Step 7: Once the cluster validation completes, a summary window will appear with the cluster validation results stating whether the cluster is healthy or has any issues.

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Does going to "Ready to update" add value to the validation?