Whitelabeldating cupid

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Whitelabeldating cupid

We’d rather be the company behind the successful brands.”“According to our research 25 per cent of our visitors are coming from mobile.We have just launched our mobile dating platform so that whoever uses our sites can access it on the go.“When people get home, or get on the train after work, the last thing they want to do is pull out the lap top and stare at a screen again and so mobiles are a great way to avoid screen fatigue.By creating an app with Facebook people can see which of their friends or, importantly, friends of friends are single.It remove the three degrees of separation.“That said, my biggest challenge right now is the USA – the Brits are coming!“Between 20 we grew from nothing to £3m a year revenue, over the following four years we grew to £30m and we’re looking at £36m this year.“By using the white label model we only needed to invest in marketing the initial site and build the platform to host the other sites.

I was living at home with my parents and Steve remortgaged his house – it was a huge risk, I got myself into incredible debt.“My credit rating was only restored in the last three years – about the same time that the country’s was destroyed – but let’s not blame the credit crunch on me!When I graduated I realised I really wasn’t much of a fighter and that the Air Force wasn’t for me.“I took a course in web design.This was in the mid to late nineties when the internet was really kicking off.Global Personals has recently taken over and to become the largest dating business in the UK.Revenues for the forthcoming year are expected to hit £36m, it’s just moved to a new headquarters in Waterloo, and the USA is beckoning. That’s because when co-founder Ross Williams and Steve Pammenter decided to jump into the burgeoning online dating market back in 2003, they decided not to take on the global giants like head-on, but instead launch a white label dating business.

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Photos from the Internet Dating Conference taking place on January 31 - February 1, 2008 in Miami.