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The kind of relationships where you spend all of your time together quickly usually fizzle. He will have a strong urge to fulfill his feeling of attraction into sex.That is because you enter the intimacy stage far too soon. If you follow them slowly, your chances for a healthy relationship increase. However, as women, because of the way we're wired, it's often safer to wait at least until you are dating each other exclusively before you engage in sex (wait until stages 3-4-5).I found mister right many years into my recovery program...was careful about saying "Yes" to marriage....Today I can say ...."Watch your back and your program".... Engagement/Commitment (Marriage) If you have sex in stage 1 attraction, as a woman your heart will be ahead of the man's.(not literally, don't be doing that at meeting) and see what happens. I'm smiling for you - and looking forward to hearing you share more of your journey!and then of course come back here to let us know........ __________________ "If I stay in the light of what I can do to make my life better, rather than in the darkness of anger, blame and fear of the problem, my path remains lit and my world is a better place." I think it is going fine...OK...i feel like a dweeb starting this thread, but reaching out to others and sharing is suppose to be good and I'm kinda over my head today. and had 7 years before my last drink which lasted 8 years. This man seems nice, caring, intelligent and of course has his less wonderful traits...a little over reserved I think. As far as being overly reserved - for someone who was used to the compatibility test at the close of every first date, "taking things slowly" was a little weird for me. If this man returns your feelings, that will become apparent.a little background: I've been sober 11 mos and 9 days. I was married at 19 for about a year and have been single since. He was a total gentleman and he didn't even kiss me at the end of the date (of course maybe he thought just friends). He must like you and your company or he would not have asked you out. (I'm sure it's hard) I have been married forever so I don't know anything about sober dating. I "dated" my husband for weeks before we got passed a kiss goodnight - and the first three dates, that kiss was on the cheek. I don't know about you, but pre-sobriety, I was all about reaching the bottom line.

Try to not put pressure on yourself or on the two of you as a couple and just wait and see what happens.I have worked the steps..course they are all growing and learning more everyday and am working on the amends each week..will take a while I think. If he just was being friends I would actually like to be his friend but the fact that i find him attractive on so many levels means that might be hard for me to be comfortable. I don't know how I will respond to being around him after the meeting today (and he may very well not be there) I want to stay in the now but also enjoy the new stuff and most of all learn from this expereince. I'm told that it's okay to get to know someone and learn about them before getting serious and/or intimate. I thought getting serious and/or intimate was HOW you got to know someone! And, I think it's great that he's taking things slowly. I don't want to blog cause I want to have interactions with others on this issue.be careful and stay in the feeling of your program.... This means in the beginning, you don't need daily contact. It's like you will be in stage 4 (intimacy) but he's in stage 1.Don't let this person tell you that your recovery isn't important or distract you in another direction........ If you go out once or twice a week, that's a good pace to get to know someone. If you race ahead of a man in your feelings, you will very likely push him away. When a man is in attraction, he will do a lot to impress you, be on his best behavior.

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