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“Growing up it was a one size fits all mentality - we didn't have the internet then so it was a matter of what was on the chemist's shelf, or in the pub vending machine.

They were always far too loose and once one came off, getting left behind, they just caused even more anxiety. ’” In a world where large penises are valued above all other sizes, it might be surprising then that Smith, after much painful soul-searching, is happy to have his name published, but a man with a 7.5 inch penis asks to remain anonymous to avoid unwanted attention and has only once discussed it with his friends.

Different sized condoms have been widely manufactured for only around 15 years.

The borders between fantasy and reality are breaking down. It would be like bragging about something you never achieved, and it seems everyone likes to brag about penis size so nobody would believe me anyway.” Like Smith, he agrees that the huge phalluses featured in porn have a part to play.

There's no issue with admiring or desiring a big cock. “I think men want to believe they are good at sex and therefore believe if you have a bigger penis then you’re automatically some kind of Casanova.

Boon advises using a water-based lubricant to prevent friction even if the man is wearing the correct size, to prevent the condom from being damaged and to make sex more pleasurable for both partners.

Pasante plans to capitalise on the rise in demand for larger condoms by launching a new Super King range which measures at 69mm wide (the diameter of the penis) .

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(And as they say, a small condom might be uncomfortable, but nothing kills pleasure quite like an unexpected baby).

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